Constant CHANGE // Shared Kids Room

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I am excited to be a part of this series, hosted by Jenya and Renee. But I'm even more excited to read everyone else's posts! I love the idea behind this series, because I believe it truly is one this we all have in common. Life changes. Constantly! The longer I'm married, the more kids we have, the older the kids get, change is more and more a part of our lives and I'm learning how to deal with that. Hopefully with a little bit of smoothness. :)

Currently I am in the middle of a LOT of change. Right now, my body is changing, daily it seems, as I'm growing another little human. We are in the middle of a BIG year long remodeling project which came on the heels of our first year long remodeling project in this house (a new kitchen). We took about a year "break", meaning we didn't work steadily but always had little related projects going here and there. We are still going strong! With many more projects in the plans. Someday I hope to blog about that...

HUGE Sale on MHC Patterns!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hayley from Mouse House Creations is celebrating her ONE YEAR pattern selling anniversary with a huge, huge sale on every single one of her patterns! It is a 50% discount, which is HUGE, guys!

I have sewn up several of her patterns over the last year and I adore each one that I've had the chance to use!

The first of her patterns I sewed was The Norah Dress. She wore this little top to nearly every holiday party we went to last year and got lots of compliments on it!

The dress is still in regular rotation. It works great with a tee under, as a sundress or with a cardi. A dress for all seasons! It's getting too short now which makes me oh so sad, but I have plans for another long sleeved Norah to get us through this winter and I'm quite sure she needs another knit sundress version for the next year or so as well!

*See posts here

and here.

Next up was The Persimmon Dress. I tested this dress and even being a test version it was quite perfect and totally adorable. She wore this until it was just way too small. I'm super sad about that and am holding to the possibility she'll have a little sister I can pass it down to ;) *We find out in about a week if it will be so!!*

Read the blog post here.

The Julia Cardigan // Some Big News!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

The Julia Cardigan - Pattern By Mouse House Creations

So let's get the news out of the way so we avoid any awkwardness, shall we ;)

The Julia Cardigan - Pattern By Mouse House Creations

Yep, that's a baby bump!! Our family is over the moon excited about welcoming our 3rd baby into the family. We are expecting him or her to make their appearance sometime in March.

Also, over the weekend I turned 30. The cardi was my gift to myself  :) That's not nearly as exciting as the baby though, but I am not disappointed, nor do I feel old, etc. Haha. I'm looking forward to my 30s quite honestly. The 20s were fabulous, I got married, became a mom, moved to another state, my faith grew enormously, became a mom a second time, started a home renovation, found a passion for sewing, and each year I love my husband more than ever before. Even after all that I'm so excited to see what 30 brings, I feel like I'm more established in myself as a person and am discovering who I am and who God made me to be. My kids will start school, the days of lazy mornings at home are numbered, I'm both apprehensive and excited about that. And I get to become a mom of THREE! The adults in the house are about to become officially outnumbered. Should be fun :)

Anyway, on to the new cardi!

Pretty In Peplum // Pattern Testing

Monday, September 22, 2014

Pretty In Peplum Dress and Top - Pattern by Sew Much Ado

I had the lovely privilege of testing the latest pattern from Sew Much Ado recently. And like each and every one of her patterns I've sewn, I'm absolutely impressed and in love with the outcome.

The photos shown are from the first round of testing and the top pattern has since been lengthened slightly and it's absolute perfection now!

Pretty In Peplum Dress and Top - Pattern by Sew Much Ado

Knock It Off Series - Picnik Birthday Outfit

Friday, August 15, 2014

Knock It Off Look using Anytime At All Tee and Clean Slate Pants patterns

I was so excited to be asked by Heidi of Elegance and Elephants to be a part of her Knock It Off series this year! I discovered a new passion for sewing for my kids when I discovered this series last year and sewed along. I mean seriously. If I can make clothes so similar to rtw, save loads of $, and have them wear designer-esque fashion, it's a win, win, win!!

Knock It Off Look using Anytime At All Tee and Clean Slate Pants patterns

KCW Summer 2014 - Sewing For Twins!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy Monday!

Apparently I have taken an unplanned "blogging break" the past couple weeks :) And to be honest it has been very refreshing! I've been focusing on some house/remodel projects that have been needing to get done and also having some much needed summer fun with the kiddos. Our favorite has been meeting Daddy at the park for lunch!

Now I'm playing catch up... Way back during Summer KCW, I sewed these two fun little baby outfits! It's kind of hard to tell in these photos just how tiny they are, but they are tiny! At least the some of the tiniest things I've sewn (3 mo).

All About Boys: Free Pattern Edition // Basic Tee Roundup

Friday, July 18, 2014

It's a 2-posts-in-one-day kind of day around here!!

As the 5th and final day of the All About Boys Series, we are offering you one last day packed full of inspiration! I am rounding up all of the Basic Tees I've made in the past year and April & Brooke are sharing their fall sewing plans for their boys. I can't even wait to see what they have planned! They are making me think I should make my own list...

All About Boys: Free Pattern Edition // Summer Time Cool

Thursday, July 17, 2014

All About Boys: Free Pattern Edition featuring Sunny Days Shorts & Dana's Basic Tee

Hi friends!! Welcome to Day 4 of All About Boys! I hope you've been inspired so far, and I hope the next couple of days bring loads more for you! Brooke & April are working on some fun posts today that are positively overflowing with ideas!

As for me, I sewed up another outfit ;) My boy was in desperate need of shorts and muscle tees so I couldn't help it. I have a bit of an obsession with all things b&w lately, so when this outfit idea popped in my head I couldn't go without bringing it to life.

All About Boys: Modern Handmade

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hey friends!! It's Day 3 of our fun series and my dear friend April of Modern Handmade is showing off her AMAZING outfit! I absolutely love the details she added to the shorts, they are absolutely perfect for her scrumptious little man. And. She made SHOES!! She's my hero :)

Head over to read her post, you don't want to miss it!

Happy Sewing!

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All About Boys: Day 2 with Oliver's Fancy

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It's Day 2 of our All About Boys series!! Today Brooke of Oliver's Fancy is showing of her seriously adorable outfit for her little man. Seriously. Adorable. I love the changes she made to the patterns and the fabrics she used. Head over to her blog to see for yourself the cuteness!!

Happy Sewing!!

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All About Boys!! Destination: Ice Cream Shop

Monday, July 14, 2014

All About Boys: Free Pattern Edition (Featuring: Basic Tee & Sunny Day Shorts)

Welcome to Day 1 of our fun new series, ALL ABOUT BOYS!!

All About Boys: Free Pattern Edition (Featuring: Basic Tee & Sunny Day Shorts)

This season we are featuring 2 FREE patterns and showing you fun ways to customize them and make them unique and all your own!

The free patterns we used are the Basic Tee and the Sunny Day Shorts.

A New Series Coming: All About Boys!!!!

Friday, July 11, 2014

All About Boys Sewing Series: Free Pattern Edition

A little while ago a few friends and I started a little conversation on Instagram about sewing for boys and how there is just so much more going on in blogland for girls than for boys. I know we are not the first to have these thoughts, but we decided to do a fun little series for the boys, featuring FREE PATTERNS that are available to all of us!

This time around we are featuring 2 free patterns, The Basic Tee by Dana and the new Oliver & S Sunny Day Shorts. Those of us participating in the series all have boys of different ages so you will get to see how we each customized an entire outfit (or 2!) to fit our boys! It's going to be so much fun you guys!! Hop over to Modern Handmade (April), Oliver's Fancy (Brooke) and Our Family Four (Erin, who is sitting out this season) and find out a little bit more about the fun ladies whom I'm happy to be able to call friends and are my partners in crime for this series!! :)

Zonen 09 Charlie Flip

Friday, June 27, 2014

Zonen 09 Charlie Flip - Tutorial

I'm sharing my full post and a bit of a tutorial on the process of how I flipped the Charlie pattern for my little miss.

Also, voting has opened today, so you can head over to Frances Suzanne and vote for your fave. AFTER reading how I did my flip of course ;) I'd loooove it if you would vote for mine, so in other words, I'm hoping mine is your fave!

So let's talk a little bit about the flip...

Flip This Pattern: June Competitor!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I'm sure you have probably heard of the year long sewing series "Flip This Pattern" that sisters, Ashley & Emily, of Frances Suzanne hosted last year. I sewed along a few times in the past year and it was so much fun! I wished I had time to play along each month!

Well, they have brought the series back for a second year! And they invited me to join in the fun as a competitor!! I was so thrilled and I'm kind of in love with the outcome, you'll have to head over to their blog to see the whole thing. :) And then on Friday the 27th, voting opens to the public and you get to choose your favorite Charlie flip. I'm hoping you might just choose mine ;)

You can see my previous flips here, here, and here.

Matinee Dress and Peplum Top Tour, Discount Code AND Giveaway!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I am so excited to be on the Matinee Dress tour today! 
This fun and adorable dress and top pattern is designed by Jenn of Jennuine Designs. For the tour today, I had a little bit of fun with the pattern and created a sweet little peplum top for my little miss that I know will get TONS of wear.

Let's start off with a little honesty here shall we? ;) When I first saw the design for this dress I wasn't sure about the open back style, I just wasn't sure it was "me" or that I wanted O to wear something with that sort of design. Well, then Jenn asked for a little help for a pre-test in the bodice size that O wore and I whipped up a couple of "quick and dirty" tests. Just those couple of simple bodices, checking fit, made me completely smitten with this sweet design. So when she asked if I wanted to be part of the tour I couldn't wait to make a peplum top from this pattern because I knew I'd love it, and I totally do. Even more than I thought I would!!

FOXGLOVE Tank - A New Women's Pattern From Selvage Designs!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Foxglove Tank - Sewing Pattern by Selvage Designs

Hi guys!

A couple of weeks ago, I had the lovely privilege of testing Lauren of Selvage Designs first womens' pattern. The Foxglove Tank (affiliate link). And it has JUST been release! Woohoo!! From now through June 29th, the pattern is available for download only through Indiesew (btw, have you heard of this site??? It's pretty great!!), it is currently available for pre-order at Selvage Designs and will be delivered to your inbox on June 29th if you order there.

I LOVED. ADORED. Lauren's debut pattern, the Soleil Dress for girls (see my versions here and here), and this second pattern did not disappoint! I just love how Lauren's patterns are put together.

A Glamping Collection - Featuring Willow & Co Patterns

Friday, June 13, 2014

Glamping Collection - Willow & Co Patterns, Ash Jumpsuit, Aster Cardigan, Kudzu Cargos, Mulberry Tunic

Welcome to our last day of Glamping Week!! Today is picture heavy to show you my whole collection together. I'm sooooo happy with how well it came together. Made for some cute photos, photography is quickly coming a favorite part of blogging for me, so enjoy! 

*Links to individual posts for each piece are at the bottom of the post*

Glamping Collection - Willow & Co Patterns, Ash Jumpsuit, Aster Cardigan, Kudzu Cargos, Mulberry Tunic

Glamping Collection - Willow & Co Patterns, Ash Jumpsuit, Aster Cardigan, Kudzu Cargos, Mulberry Tunic

The Mulberry Tunic - A Pattern By Kid Approved for Willow & Co

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Mulberry Tunic - A Willow & Co Pattern

It's Day 4 of our Glamping Week! Today I'm showing you the Mulberry Tunic I made for my little man. This pattern was designed by my friend Olga of Kid Approved, for Willow & Co. This is the second Mulberry I've made and I love it even more the second time around! (See my first version here)

The Mulberry Tunic - A Willow & Co Pattern

When I was sewing my first version I kept seeing it in seersucker in long sleeves and couldn't get it out of my head until I made it come to life. And oh my goodness. I am SO glad I did!

The Aster Cardigan - A Pattern by LBG Studio for Willow & Co

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Aster Cardigan - A Willow & Co Pattern

Oh my stars. I am so in love with this little cardi. Seriously. She needs one to go with every outfit! The Aster Cardigan was designed by LBG Studio for Willow & Co. I love Vanessa's style, and this cardigan is no exception. I mean, what's not to love about it!?

The Aster Cardigan - A Willow & Co Pattern

The 3/4 sleeves, length, the fabulous collar and the 3 little buttons at the top all work together in the most perfect way to create a little cardi that goes with almost any style.

Kudzu Cargos - A Pattern by Charming Doodle for Willow & Co

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Kudzu Cargos - A Willow & Co Pattern

Hi friends!! Welcome to another Glamping Day!

Today I'm sharing my thoughts on the Kudzu Cargos, a pattern designed by Charming Doodle for Willow & Co. It is a unisex pattern that can be made in pants or shorts length, skinny or straight version and LOADS of colorblocking, decorative seaming, and pockets options. When I say LOADS, I mean loads!

The Kudzu Cargos - A Willow & Co Pattern

I chose to make the straight version with the diagonal seam in the front and the back pockets, also with the diagonal seam to mimic the front. This was my first time using a topstitching needle and wow, I am hooked! I am so thrilled with how these shorts turned out.

The Ash Jumpsuit - A Pattern by petit a petit + family for Willow & Co

Monday, June 9, 2014

The Ash Jumpsuit - A Willow & Co Pattern

Welcome to our Willow & Co Glamping Week! I had the immense privilege of testing 4 of the Willow & Co patterns (you can read about those here, here, here and here) and now have been given the chance to sew the rest of them as well! Today I'll be talking about The Ash Jumpsuit. A pattern designed by petit a petit and family for Willow & Co. But first some introduction to the patterns :)

For this "Glamping Week", I have sewn 3 new to me Willow & Co patterns and 1 repeat, because, well, I just loved it so much! I hope to sew the remaining 2 later in the fall.

Random Thoughts on Tuesday

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Happy Tuesday!!

While I am preparing a very fun "Glamping" week coming up next week, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite photos from the last week.

I've been reading Vanessa's ebook trying to better my photography. Such a helpful tool! And as always, everything I do is a work in progress and it's fun to learn new things.

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