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Hi all! I just stumbled upon this post that was part of a fun series over at Caila Made last July. I realized I never posted it here!! Basically, she interviewed us with a series of questions and we answered with a photo and a line of text. I got all nostalgic looking at these. Hope you enjoy them too!

What project are you currently working on?
Toddler Backpack
A fun, car themed project for my "wheels" obsessed little man. (See it here)

What is your creative process?
Fabric pairings
Idea sparked. Sketch, jot notes. Pair fabrics. (That project still never made it to being - does that happen to you!?)

What has inspired you lately?
Fabric pairings
Bold colors and geometric shapes.

What is one thing you've sewn that you are especially proud of?
DIY Beanbag
A beanbag I made for my kids, 2 Christmas' ago. They LIVE on that thing.

What is your newest favorite sewing technique?
Folding Template for ironing
This ironing template. Go. Download. Now.

What color best describes this season of your life?
Yellow! Bright, happy, and a little crazy. :)

Share a project with us that was so impactful it changed the way you create and sew.
Tiered Pillowcase Dress
A simple pdf pattern. I realized I could make ANYTHING, with the right pattern.

What is one thing you would like us to know about you?
Pineapple Salsa Recipe for Canning
I love to grow and can my own tomatoes. (Recipe here)

Share with us one detail of your creative space.
Fabric Stash
My table of (chaotic) happy.

Wasn't that kinda fun???!!

I've been super busy behind the scenes. Life is crazy at the moment. Lot's going on, just living. And also lots of sewing going on. Of course!

I've been pondering a little bit about this space here. I do LOVE sewing, but there are so many more things I love as well. I think I might just share a bit more about what goes on around here, especially as things pick up speed during the summer. And believe it or not, it's not ALL sewing related ;) I'll start sharing recipes again too. Because, well, I love food. 

If you're not following along on Instagram yet, that's where it's at! I'm on it daily, showing tidbits of what goes on around here in our little life. Would love to have you follow along!

Happy Weekend!!

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