Knight Hoodie // Knight Costume

Sewing // Knight Hoodie & Costume

What little boy doesn't want to be a knight?? For mine though, I think it was more about the sword and shield than the actual costume, haha. 

Sewing // Knight Hoodie & Costume

He did put in a request for a "jacket with a zipper", and I had been meaning to sew one of these hoodies for quite a while. So I delivered. Almost, anyway. If you're following on Instagram you'll already know what I mean. (You're not following on IG!? Go here and fix that! ;))

Sewing // Knight Hoodie & Costume
**Scroll to the bottom for material sources**

All went swimmingly well with the hoodie until the zipper part... The first zipper I purchased was too short, so back to the store I went with kiddos in tow. I found what appeared to be the same exact zipper, only 2 inches longer. Brought it home. Installed it. It was amaaaazing, all those stripes matched up, the pockets aligned. Bam. Then I tried to unzip and realized I had purchased a closed bottom zip. Yes. And yes, it took me that long to realize it. Doh. So now he has a jacket with a zipper. Sort of. The only difference is it doesn't function like your typical zippered jacket because Mama was not going to rip that lovely installation. Drive all the way back to the store. And repeat the process all over again. Nope. Hu-uh. No way.

Sewing // Knight Hoodie & CostumeBut enough about my sewing mishap. Let's talk about the pattern, The Knight Hoodie by Charming Doodle. It is lovely. I really enjoyed putting it all together and the pieces all matched up like magic. It was an extremely satisfying sew. The only change I might make on the next one would be to add a facing for the zipper. Otherwise I don't see the need to make any changes at all! For my 6 year old with a chest width of 24.5 and 47 inches tall I made the size 6 with no changes at all. The fit is spot on.

Sewing // Knight Hoodie & Costume

When I decided to make him the knight hoodie, I asked if he would be ok with a knight COSTUME this year? I'm all about dual purpose sewing! He said YES!!

So a knight needs some knightly pants. I went uber simple with the pants. I found this shiny jacquard fabric in the Joann red tag section and thought it seemed rather perfect for the look. I took the free Oliver & S Sunny Days Shorts pattern in size 7 and lengthened them to pants, then added a pleated "knee armor thingy". Yes very technical here. For the waist I skipped the waistband all together and sewed 3" black elastic to the waist because I happened to have some on hand and it was waaaay faster than sewing and attaching a waistband!

Sewing // Knight Hoodie & Costume

The fabric is very stiff and scratchy, so he had to wear some tight pj pants under, but there were no complaints at all about them being uncomfortable. Yay!

Sewing // Knight Hoodie & Costume

Sewing // Knight Hoodie & Costume

Sewing // Knight Hoodie & Costume

Pattern: Knight Hoodie
Size sewn: 6
Modifications: NONE
**NOTE: ALL materials for the costume, fabric, notions, even thread are from Joann Stores (I am not compensated to say this, they just happen to be my go to store ;))

Size sewn: 7
Modifications: Lengthened to pants, used elastic for the waistband, added knee "armor"
Fabric: Black & Silver Jacquard from Joann Red Tag section. (I think it may be an upholstery fabric)

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