Fall Floral Union St. Tee // Sewing For Women

Roscoe Blouse & Union St. Tee // Sewing For Women

You can catch Part 1 of this post here!

Union St. Tee // Sewing For Women

Next in Part 2 of today's post, is the tried and true Union St. Tee. I've made quite a few of these, and come to think of it, they've all been v-necks. I do love me a good v-neck, and folks, Adrianna's instructions will make anybody a successful v-neck seamstress! I sewed this shirt first and really didn't have all that many issues with it. I was a bit nervous about sewing a perfectly lined up V in this rayon spandex, and I did end up using my seam ripper a few times, but I coaxed it into submission in the end and am super happy with the result!

Union St Tee // Sewing For Women

Union St Tee // Sewing For Women

I had yet to try this pattern in anything but the short sleeve version, because, summer... But my true devotion lies with 3/4 sleeve shirts. I made zero changes to the 3/4 sleeve length pattern and it is completely perfecto. In fact, I made a straight size small with no changes at all. I've found with this pattern, it depends a lot on the type of fabric you use and the look you want. My tnt's are a size small in rayon or cotton spandex, and a medium in knits with less stretch.

Union St Tee // Sewing For Women

I paired this with my Selene Skirt and absolutely love this look. It is so crazy comfy too.

Let's talk fabric!

I used the Brushstrokes Rose floral from Finch Fabrics. It is a cotton/rayon/spandex blend, (which just so happens to be on super sale right now!!) and is so soft and lovely. It has slightly more heft than some rayon spandex's I've used lately and I so appreciate that! It doesn't feel flimsy at all and has fantastic recovery.

Union St. Tee // Sewing For Women

I spent some time with the floral placement, since it is a rather large scale print and I didn't want to have flowers in weird places ;) The fabric is a very generous width (60"), which definitely helped with being able to do that and I la-love the outcome. I don't know why, but I really wanted those big flowers hugging my arms. Love them!

Union St. Tee // Sewing For Women

Typically the back of a t-shirt isn't all that exciting, but I just adore those flowers, it feels so fun!

Union St. Tee // Sewing For Women

Union St. Tee // Sewing For Women

Summary of Details:
Size Sewn: Small - 3/4 sleeve option
Changes Made: None



  1. That is a fabulous print! it will be so fun to wear all fall and winter!

  2. I want one! Do your rayons get pilly?

    1. Yes, my rayon knits often do :( The better quality ones are definitely less likely to do so.


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