The Bring-You-Up-To-Date Post

Happy Thursday All!!

Have you all thought that I may have dropped off the planet?  Well, I haven't. Quite. :)

The last month I have been more absent from this space, that is true. But it is all because I'm trying to be more "present" away from this space.

Lots has been happening! Including some sewing. I won't ever get away from that. And lately I've been dreaming of a new machine. While I love my old Kenmore, it is quite basic and not great at handling bulky sewing. I've been doing more bulky sewing than usual lately and it's got me thinking about the greatness that is Bernina.

And the hubs even stopped in at a Bernina dealer the other day while driving around for work stuff. EEP! He did not buy me one, unfortunately, but he did bring home some spec sheets and brochures. Nothing like fueling the fire :)

So what have we been up to?

Well, this boy turned 4!!!

And this girl turned 2!!!

*Sigh* I LOVE watching them grow up and becoming little people. But. Where are my babies?!??!

The mornings around here have been cool, so there has been lots of snuggling on the couch with blankets in the morning. But it still warms up to 80 during the day.

Coffee drinking. With Pumpkin Spice creamer of course.

Candle burning. It smells like there is something baking All. The. Time. I love it :)

Going on walks in the evening. So wonderful in this weather!

Enjoying the fall festivals. Corn pits. So fun!

Cozy camp fires outside, roasting marshmallows and making smores. 

For REAL baking.

This pie was for my husband's birthday (Yes, ALL of our birthdays are within a month's time). It's a Caramel Apple Pie recipe that I came up with and I'll be sharing the recipe soon :)

Only one piece left and it is reserved for Daddy. They look like little pie thieves though, I've gotta keep my eye on them...

Apple preserving.

I made apple butter in the crockpot! So unbelieveably simple and it turned out delicious!!

I used the recipe from this pin. I adjusted the spices to our liking. I don't care for cloves so I kept those out entirely. I got 7lbs of apple into my crockpot so I doubled the spices & apple cider. I used Jonagold apples. They were pretty sweet so I only added 1 cup (yes, ONE cup, not six like the recipe calls for when doubled) of sugar and it tastes great! Not only does it taste great, I don't feel guilty putting on all sorts of things because, well, it's APPLES, and a pinch of sugar. Healthier than syrup on waffles! :)

From 7lbs of apples I got 8 small jars and 2 larger jars. I canned them in a hot water bath and now we'll get to enjoy apple butter for months to come! This was actually the 2nd batch I made of it so we've got plenty and I'm so excited about it!

There's been more sewing going on. The orange and navy zipper pouch is a new listing in my Etsy shop!

Currently I'm working on a prototype for a new bag that I'm super excited about, and will be available in the shop as well!

Sketching and planning. And yep, that is a diaper coupon at the top of the paper. Because, that's how we roll :)

This bag is a prototype, so this combo won't be available but isn't it swoon worthy!?! 

These are my little helpers. I love our "work" sessions :)

Proud of my little bugger, such good coloring!!

(With his EVER present Mater at his side. Along with any other "special at the moment" cars)

And. The knitting bug has bit again. Loving these hats from Whit's Knits. I'm feeling very inspired by this post. (Check out lots of other ideas on my Knitting & Crochet Board) I'm not using the Whit's Knits pattern, but the end result will be similar I'm hoping :)

I think my munchkins need new hats every winter. Why not? :)

And then there's the "little" matter of us remodeling the back half of our house. By ourselves. Yes. There's that little detail.

So very grateful for a handy husband that can do all of this!

I hope you are all having a very wonderful fall season. 

It is my very favorite.

We're squeezing every bit of goodness out of it that we can.

Happy Fall Y'all!

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  1. Busy lady! Happy Birthdays all around!

  2. What lovely things you have been doing!

  3. Sounds busy and wonderful at the same time! Glad you are enjoying precious time with your family and enjoying being present with them!

  4. That apple butter looks amazing. And how fun (crazy?) to have all your birthdays together like that!

  5. Wow, so busy Heidi! It's always wonderful to hear what you've been up to!



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