Soleil Dress // Numérot Trois

It was a sad, sad day when I realized O had very much outgrown the two Soleil's I made for her last summer. They were easily her most worn mama-made's. 

Of course I had to make her a new one!

But, details.

I changed this one up with details! I color blocked a 3" strip at the hem, and used the same solid mint for the back bodice, but overlay-ed it with a stretch lace. The front side of the pockets are also solid mint, but that's a fun detail, just because, sewing magic.

I love how it turned out. My only slight regret is my decision to cut a size larger than she measured for. Since it's a fitted style I thought it would be fine and she could get a little more wear out of it. You know, since sewing time is more precious these days ;) While it did work, and I'm not entirely unhappy with the fit, it's just not quite the same as a perfectly fitted dress. But it may be something I need to get used to since, like I said, my sewing time IS more precious these days... And she's been growing like a weed lately.

She LOOOVES it, and asked to wear it to church as soon as I finished it. When she did, she asked every person who talked to her "Do you wike my dess????!"

Love her.

Outfit details:
Size sewn: 4, according to her measurements she is a size 3, cut larger for longer wear
Changes made: Colorblocking, lace overlay on back bodice
Fabric: Solid & Striped Mint - Organic Cotton Plus
           Stretch lace & white ribbing - Joann's
Shoes: Old Navy 



  1. I love your new dress precious little one :) It looks gorgeous. I guess a little big is better than a little small! She will get more wear out of it? The colours are perfect.

  2. This is so precious! I always waver about cutting things the correct size or bigger for longer wear. Either way has challenges especially with quickly-growing kiddos! I think it looks sweet on her though. And I'm totally jealous of her shoes!!


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