A ONE And WILD Birthday Party and Some FUN News!!

ONE And WILD Birthday Party // Handmade Frenzy

My baby is ONE!!! 

I'm really not sure how to feel about my third and probably last baby turning a year old. I'm happy and sad. But mostly happy. I'm not terribly sad to see the sleepless nights fewer and farther between, and I'm LOVING watching his little personality blossom and those first words, and we still have the first steps to look forward to. This is a fantastic place to be. Both baby and toddler. My favorite.

ONE And WILD Birthday Party // Handmade Frenzy

For his birthday party, I went with a loosely "wild" theme. Throw a few teepees, arrows, a woodland animal together and we have ourselves a party!
(The adorable little fox hanging out in the background is made my lovely friend April. She made him as a baby gift when Aiden was born, he's still a favorite and much loved friend, April!)

ONE And WILD Birthday Party // Handmade Frenzy

If you would like to see where most of the inspiration came from, you can check out my Pinterest board.

Next came the cake smash! This was actually his second cake, he got to smash one on his actual birthday and I set up a little photo shoot (with my new lens!!) with that one.

He had just had lunch before this and apparently the thought of gooey frosting wasn't as appealing this time around as it was the first. Haha :)

But wait, it looks like fun to smash my face in it!

Here, Grandma, have some!

After a good clean up, he had a chance to open presents. He loves each and every one of them and has been well entertained ever since!

AGF Knits from Imagine Gnats Shop

Baby tablet. I die.

AGF Knits from Imagine Gnats Shop

Now for that NEWS I promised! I am the newest contributor over at Imagine Gnats! I'm so excited to be part of the fun team! So many exclamation points. But really, I am very thrilled to be able to work with Rachael and the fantastic group she has that share our ideas with each other and with you.

So for complete details on his outfit above, check out the post on Imagine Gnats. All fabrics are from her shop and the quality is amazing and so soft!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. He is so cute! I love the baby/toddler phase. What a fun party! What lens did you get? I'm super excited about your new gig!


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