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Popping in again to show you another Lane Raglan I made recently. This was another one of the coordinating pieces for Aiden's big birthday bash. Yep. Seriously. We all coordinated that day. Crazy mom over here. Lol.

I'm still trying to find the perfect sizing on this pattern for me. I keep using different fabrics each time so that makes it more difficult. Ha! This one is the updated version (which I LOVE, btw). I made it in a straight medium, but because of the drapey-ness of the rayon spandex that I used, I ended up taking it in under the arms and through the bust again. I also didn't shorten this one any, just cut it straight across at the band line and then hemmed rather than adding the band. It's really quite perfect I think.

I have another version made after this and I made the top part in a small, which I think I should have done with this one as well. The neck on this is plenty big and I need to keep adjusting so my bra straps don't show. It does seem to be a bit better though now that I've run it through the wash. I've found that can magically fix some issues! 

I do really love this pattern in rayon spandex! And 3/4 sleeves forever have my heart. If I could wear them all year round I totally would. Our summer months do get too hot for that though, bummer!

You can see a little bit in the photo above that the side seam wants to twist to the front. This annoys the ba-geebies out of me. Yes. That's totally a word.

The fabric comes from and was super budget friendly. And sometimes that means not the greatest quality. Hehe. The fabric has held up well to quite a few washes already, but the stripes were not exactly on grain and I didn't realize it when cutting it out. But it was either stripes not matching or a twisting side seam. I think the twisting side seam is probably preferable to me because I don't think anyone else would ever notice. Except now you know because I told ya'!

Either way. I all around love this shirt and it's in constant rotation these glorious spring days!!

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