Woven Bryant Dolman // Sewing For Women

Bryant Dolman Top // Sewing For Women

Hello again!

Yesterday I shared my tester version of the newly released Bryant dolman pattern from Straight Stitch Designs. This pattern is designed for knits and for the bodice to be cut on the bias. After making my knit version and loving the incredibly comfortable fit of it, I really started to be curious about how it would work in a woven fabric!

*Let me preface this post with saying that I do like this shirt! There are many things I will change next time, but that is no reflection of the pattern at all. These are my changes, this pattern is intended for knits, not wovens, so the outcome will obviously be different. But I wanted to share my experience in case anyone is wanting to dive into this for themselves! :)

I had this lightweight poly crepe, with a 5% spandex content that I also found at Joann's and decided to use it to give it a try. 

Bryant Dolman Top // Sewing For Women

I made this woven version exactly the same as the knit. No changes to the pattern at all.

The final result is wearable, but there are quite a few things I learned and would do differently next time. 

First of all. I chose an all poly woven fabric. Why don't I learn? I am not a fan. This in particular is so terribly static-y that I have to wipe it down with a dryer sheet in order for it not to cling to my body. Oy. I have not had this problem with poly knits. Also, poly blend wovens haven't been a problem for me. Have any of you experienced this? 

It was very breezy when I was shooting these photos, so I apologize for all the blowing. :) It makes it a little difficult to see the shape and how it hangs.

Bryant Dolman Top // Sewing For Women

The second thing I'm going to talk about is fabric placement when using a woven for this pattern. This fabric has stretch to it. If choosing a woven fabric with stretch, I would for sure place the pattern on grain when cutting out and not on the bias. The drape from the fabric itself, combined with the bias cut and static. It's all just way too clingy! But, if using a woven fabric without any stretch and not much drape, cutting on the bias could give you a better outcome.

Bryant Dolman Top // Sewing For Women

The third change I would make is to add some of that length back in, that I took out when making my knit version. This can also vary, depending on the weight of your fabric. This one is super lightweight and doesn't pull itself down like the heavier knit did. 

Bryant Dolman Top // Sewing For Women

The 4th, possible change I would make when making a woven version is to go up a size or two. I like how this looks in this size, but it feels a little snug across my shoulders.

Whew! Those are all my thoughts on my woven version! I'd like to point out, that despite all the things I would change if I could start over, that I am happy with this shirt! It all adds up to experience and I'll take all these things into consideration when cutting into my next woven version of a knit pattern :)

My favorite things about my new top: The color. I love olive. I love, LOVE, to wear it in the fall and I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate it more into my wardrobe throughout the year. I love the flowiness and how it looks tucked in just a wee bit in the front, and the sleeves just make me happy. I don't have a lot of tops with a sleeve cuff, and I'm really enjoying this feature.

So there you have it! What do you think? Would you try this pattern in a woven fabric?

Bryant Dolman Top // Sewing For Women

Bryant Dolman Top // Sewing For Women

Outfit Details:

Sewing Pattern
  • Poly crepe with 5% spandex - Joann's
**This post contains affiliate links. I only share products that I truly believe in and love the quality of. Kimberly's patterns are some of my very favorites and I definitely recommend them!**

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