Evans Blazer // Sewing For Women

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Evans Blazer Pattern Review // Sewing For Women

I had the exciting privilege to test the newest pattern from Hey June Handmade! Please welcome the Evans Blazer!

So many of Adrianna's patterns are staples in my wardrobe, and this classic blazer pattern for knit fabrics is joining those ranks as well!

Evans Blazer Pattern Review // Sewing For Women

The Evans Blazer pattern includes two views, View A as you can see here, is a very classic blazer style with darts, welt pockets, and a front button closure. This view is intended for sturdy and structured knits, such as ponte, sweatshirt fleece, and double knits.

Evans Blazer Pattern Review // Sewing For Women

View B is more of a cardigan style blazer, with a cascading front lapel, no button closure, and is intended for much more drapey knits.

The sewing went really well during this make. Adrianna's instructions are clear and easy to follow, as always. She guides you through each step and you just need to follow along with confidence to produce a lovely end product!

Evans Blazer Pattern Review // Sewing For Women

The only time I needed to pull out my trusty seam ripper was during the under-stitching of the collar facing. I just got myself turned around, since you have to switch sides at the break point where the collar folds back onto itself. Totally my fault, and not the instructions!

For sizing, I graded between 3 sizes. My upper bust put me in a size 10, my bust and waist in size 8, and my hips a size 6. Hello, inverted triangle. 😏

Evans Blazer Pattern Review // Sewing For Women

I decided to grade between all of these sizes for the best possible fit. I made the size 10 in the shoulders and sleeves, since I was most concerned about it being too snug in those areas. In the end, I could have definitely gone with a straight size 8 down to the hips as the shoulders are a bit wide and the sleeves have plenty of room. Overall, though, I am super super happy with the fit! I can't believe how tailored a knit blazer can look!

I did the tiniest sway back adjustment using the center back seam. A center back seam is so nice for this reason!

Evans Blazer Pattern Review // Sewing For Women

This fabric is Mini Diamond Quilted Jacquard Knit that I purchased from Raspberry Creek Fabrics. I don't know the exact contents, but I'm pretty sure it's 100% polyester, which makes this a very warm blazer that will be perfect for this winter!

Evans Blazer Pattern Review // Sewing For Women

The fabric was quite easy to sew and pressed surprisingly well. I was a little worried about how the welt pockets would turn out with such a lofty knit, but they turned out absolutely perfect! I did edge-stitch the top of the pocket to keep it from falling down onto itself, but otherwise it was not a problem at all.

Evans Blazer Pattern Review // Sewing For Women

I also was undecided about adding a button since I will probably wear it open most of time. However, in the end I decided to add it, and chose a very fun herringbone patterned, faux wood button.

I did manage to sew the buttonhole to the wrong side of the jacket, but I'm hoping no one will notice! 😂😆

Evans Blazer Pattern Review // Sewing For Women

Sweater blazers are a hot item in fashion right now, and I love that I have the option to make my own with this pattern! I would love to make a menswear inspired blazer next!

Evans Blazer Pattern Review // Sewing For Women

Between this and the Fulton Sweater Blazer pattern, all of my fashion dreams are coming true! 😄

Have you sewn a sweater blazer yet? I definitely recommend! It's not as tricky as you might think.

Evans Blazer Pattern Review // Sewing For Women


Outfit: all items are from my closet and older pieces, I have linked to similar items.
  • Shirt - Old Navy (similar HERE and HERE)
  • Necklace - Target
  • Pants - Target
  • Boots - Zulily (linked to similar from Amazon - HERE)
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  1. Ooh, I love that shawl color (and the fabric color/button combo)! This is a very classy sweater blazer!


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