New Sabrina Slims // Love Notions Patterns

New Sabrina Slims // Love Notions Patterns
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Happy Monday, friends!!

I am so super excited to have a new post for you today! For many reasons, actually!

First of all, January was a good month, but rough in the sewing productivity department! We had a super busy January, and I'm excited that February is a bit more open. I'm prioritizing sewing this month and I couldn't be more thrilled! Not sewing as much as I wanted to in January has made me realize how much sewing actually does to help balance my stress. My house was kept very clean, which is also super important to me, but we need a bit more balance in the clean house vs. sewing scale. ;)

The next reason is the obvious... These brand new Sabrina Slims!! I'm going to dive deep into this in a moment.

New Sabrina Slims // Love Notions Patterns

Lastly, I'm so happy to announce, officially on the blog, that I am a Love Notions Patterns Brand Ambassador! I'm so, so excited to be a part of the team. All of the ladies have been so lovely, and testing this newly *completely* redone pattern was also such a great experience!

Being an Ambassador means that I will be helping to test quite a few of the new patterns that will be coming out this year, and I'll be alerting you to sales going on as they happen. *Be sure to follow me HERE on Instagram so you don't miss any of this!*

I will also be guest posting on the Love Notions blog. I'm so happy to have this opportunity, and can't wait to share it all with you!

Now, let's talk all the details on my fave new pair of pants, shall we!?

New Sabrina Slims // Love Notions Patterns

The Sabrina Slims have been the most popular, best selling, pattern in the Love Notions shop! But the pattern has had a complete makeover and now includes more sizes and more options!

New Sabrina Slims // Love Notions Patterns

The pattern size now ranges from 0-32, includes three inseam lengths, three hem options, and a maternity waistband. It is designed for BOTH stretch wovens and stable med/heavy weight knits.

Talk about a versatile pattern! Be sure to choose a stretch woven with at least 20% stretch, this is required, since the pant is a pull-on style and doesn't include a fly closure.

New Sabrina Slims // Love Notions Patterns

I used a stretch denim that I've had in my stash for quite a while, just waiting for the right pattern! So happy to have found it's match! The denim is an overstock that I was gifted by LA Finch a few years ago. The stretch amount, weight, and color was just perfect for this pair of Sabrinas!

New Sabrina Slims // Love Notions Patterns

In addition to ALL of the options I mentioned above, one of the most helpful tools included in this pattern is a VERY extensive fitting book!! Let me tell you, I have played around with pants fitting quite a bit, and I find it can be very confusing, even when I think I've got my brain wrapped around it. This fitting book includes the clearest illustrations I have EVER seen and makes things so much easier to understand! The pattern is worth the purchase, just for this book!

New Sabrina Slims // Love Notions Patterns

This pair of pants is my tester version, so a few small tweaks have been made to improve the pattern since this pair was sewn. Mainly, some length has been taken out of the back leg to reduce some of the wrinkles between the upper thigh and knees.

New Sabrina Slims // Love Notions Patterns

My waist and hips are two different sizes, so I sewed a size 10 waistband, graded down to a 6 at the hips and down. I have another pair planned for sewing this week, and I'll be tweaking the fit just a little bit. My waistband has plenty of room, and since it's cinched in with elastic anyway, I'll be sewing a straight size 8 through the waist/belly area down to a 6 at the hips.

New Sabrina Slims // Love Notions Patterns

I will also be doing a knock-knee adjustment (plainly described and illustrated in the fitting book!!), and removing a half to one inch of length in the rise.

I did remove some length from the rise in this pair (about 1/2"), but only from the top of the pant, since I had already cut everything out. I am 5'3" with a short torso, I sewed the 26" inseam and it's PERFECT. Exactly where I like my ankle length pants to hit!

New Sabrina Slims // Love Notions Patterns

Overall, I'm so impressed with the fit of these pants! I will be doing some tweaking on my next pair for sure, but as a starting point, this is amazing. You can see some twisting in my side seam, as well as excess length in the outseam, this is exactly what the knock-knee adjustment will address, so I'm itching to get started on my next pair! :)

New Sabrina Slims // Love Notions Patterns

I paired it here with a Lane Raglan, and of course, my fave pair of leopard sneakers. This outfit is CRAZY comfy, and absolutely perfect for my daily mom-life. However, I played around with styling options in my closet and these pants truly are SO versatile and can be dressed up or down, depending on need, or in my case (usually), what mood I'm in that day. ;)

Paired with heeled mules or sandals and a floral, floaty, top, the look is completely different! I can also see it with an over-sized comfy sweater and booties. The options are endless! I love having pieces that blend so well with the rest of my wardrobe. It's a must-have in my opinion!


In the box below, I've linked several similar options (including the little girls version of my shoes). Use the link HERE for a discount on Keds!


  1. Any chance you could describe how you removed length in the back leg to reduce the wrinkles? I am having a similar issue with my Sabrina slims muslin but am unsure how to remedy....

    1. That adjustment I mentioned was made by the pattern designer before the final pattern was released. If it's still happening for you, I would go ahead and just remove length from the entire leg, front and back. So just cut across the pattern above the knee and remove a bit of length. Pinch on your muslin to help you determine how much you need to remove.

      Hope this helps!


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