Viscose Jersey Knit Stripe T-Shirt Trio

Hi friends! I thought I would try a new layout with this type of post. Let me know what you think in the comments! All the photos for you to view are above, and all the links to the info are below! Thanks for stopping by. 💕

You can read all about these fun stripey tees on my Minerva profile! Including all the sewing details, pattern thoughts, etc.

Read my Minerva post: HERE

Fabric: Viscose Jersey Knit Black & Cream

Sewing Life Magazine - Issue 3 (Oversize V-Neck Tee)
Morrison Tee (Hey June Patterns) {aff link}

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  1. Hi! Although the photos and t-shirts are gorgeous, I must admit that I do not like the format especially in the newsletter. It came across as just a bunch of photos with no info. I only at the end realized that you had made 3 different patterns.

  2. It might be more engaging if the photos were presented as a collage instead of an endless stream. It's certainly easier to appreciate the details when the photos are closer together, as in your Minerva post. Impressive stripe matching.

  3. I'd love having the text first so I can note what I'm going to be looking at in the upcoming photos! Really like the subject though, I do a lot of kid sewing so like seeing kid pattern reviews.


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