Brother/Sister Festive Summer Outfits

Happy Independence Day!!!

I'm so glad you are taking a bit of time out of your holiday to take a peek at my sewing obsession :)

We celebrated with fireworks last night. We have had the worst weather lately, just rain, rain and more rain!!! And last night was no exception. But we braved it and watched fireworks in the rain! 

There's a first time for everything :)

I feel I have to tell you that I'm sorry for the lousy lighting on the pictures :( Again. RAIN. And NO sunshine. Sunshine is my friend. I thrive on it. I'm sad that I haven't seen sunshine in what feels like forever. My pepper plants are too. They look mighty sad. I hope they will still be kind to me and produce lots so I can make lots of yummy pepper relish.

That was a rabbit trail.

Ok. Back to the sewing! :)

Despite the poor lighting I was able to grab a couple keepers.

The idea behind the outfits (a bit more chatter about it here) was to come up with fun, stylish, summer outfits that the kiddos could wear throughout the summer but still also be "festive" for the summer holidays. I'm happy with how they turned out. I love when things come together the way I see them in my mind :)

I love the teeny pop of red on Evan's shirt. I can't wait to make more shirts and customize them in all sorts of fun ways! I will be posting a very detailed post about his outfit tomorrow. To see all the details of Olivia's outfit go here. *Update: Click here for details on Evan's outfit.

Olivia is so not into the brotherly love.

Give me the good stuff Mom! With those green eyes, how can I resist???

And him with the brown ones. Oh, I'm in trouble...

Happy celebrating!!

I hope you have sunshine and warm weather for your parties this weekend!

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