Staycation - Part II

Hey guys! Welcome to my picture re-cap of Part 2 of our "Staycation". In case you're wondering, we decided to spend our 4 day holiday weekend at home and found some awesome, fun, and practically free things to do. 

On this particular day we headed off to the grocery store after breakfast because we were out of the essentials. Bread and milk. Does this happen to anyone else?? Always. It's bread and milk. So while we were there we picked up a few things for a picnic lunch.

Off we went to the park and had us a grand time!

These stinkers have my whole heart.

Monkeying around...

Bringing me treasures. :)

It was a bit rainy and misty this day, so we hung out in the pavilion until it cleared up a bit then headed off to the train for a ride!

This is one thrilled little boy, proudly clutching the tickets :) (His shorts I made using the free Kid Shorts pattern from Dana at Made)

Such a cute and fun little train!

One happy boy. His true love is trains. That and (currently) minions from Despicable Me :) He plays with trains all day long and then runs and jumps and rolls and flips and speaks jibberish because "I'm a minion, Mom!"

The girlie is happy about it too :)

After more playing on the playground at this park and getting sweaty and hot, it was time for icecream! Homemade icecream at this little old icecream shop. So fun. And SO yummy!!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week!

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