Handmade Summer Series Part 8: Simple Shorts

With a baby 6 weeks away I hate to admit that I haven't given a whole lot of my time to blogging and sewing. I'm hoping that after she arrives things will change, but I'll try not to set my hopes to high. Today I have a free pattern for you for a girls 2T simple shorts! They are SUPER simple to make and I have a link for instructions that you can follow as well! 

Sorry for the lame photos of Sadie. It wasn't ideal weather to go outside for a photo shoot... and to be perfectly honest she wanted her comfy clothes. Who can blame her? I live in mine.

I was inspired to stitch the edges from THIS PIN on pinterest! I think it added a nice touch!

Click HERE for the the link I used to learn how to make pants and shorts. It know its a little silly since its technically a PJ pants pattern... but when something works it works. Its simple and easy, something a beginner needs. Exactly like these shorts. Follow the steps they give and you will be whipping up shorts like you've been making them all your life! 

Here are a few instagram shots of what I have been up to. Two PJ outfits, a baby quilt and a flower girl dress! The two piece watermelon bottoms were made using this same shorts pattern! Unfortunately no tutorials for these things yet... hopefully baby brain will calm down soon! :)

Hope you feel inspired to go out and do some sewing! 

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  1. I like the stitching on the shorts, I agree it adds a nice touch!


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