Stripes & Ruffles

There is just something about navy and white. It gets me every time. It's classic. I have loved it for as long as I can remember. I have discovered that on little girls, paired with pastels, it's irresistible for me!! 

This outfit was inspired by this pin.

I first made the skirt and then was brainstorming about how to re-create the shirt, but just hadn't figured it out yet. In the meantime, I was at Crazy 8, returning a gift from my mom that didn't fit Olivia and spotted this shirt. I may have nearly squealed. :) It was so perfect! And not to mention, less money than what I was returning. YAY! And so, the outfit came together. Love when that happens :)

For the skirt I followed Dana's awesome tutorial. I didn't change a thing from her instructions, I love how it turned out.

I'm actually not sure what the name of this fabric is... It is a seersucker from Joann's (not surprisingly), but I just can't remember what the name of it is :(

If you're thinking, "Really? White for a toddler? Are you crazy?" Well, maybe... :) But I absolutely adore this outfit and my kids actually wear white quite a bit. I try not to let them wear it if they are going outside to play too much. But otherwise I have not had any problems keeping their clothes white.

And when it's that cute, how could you resist?? :)

I just love how poofy and girly it is. :)

Happy Sewing!

I am participating in Skirt Week 2013 over at Crafterhours this year! I am very excited about it! I am entering this skirt into the contest. So head on over and check out what it's all about and follow along in the fun! I would also love if you would vote for me. ;)

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