Little Girl's Summer Nightgown

My kids are just growing by leaps and bounds... Does anyone else have this problem with their children? ;) As I was looking through Olivia's wardrobe to see what was needed most, summer pjs were at the top of the list. I thought a nightgown would fit the bill just perfectly. I think this one is pretty sweet. Or maybe it's the girlie that's so sweet :)

I had a very specific style of nightgown in mind for this project and then went on a pattern hunt. Wow! Have you tried searching Pinterest for nightgown patterns??? Or elsewhere on the web... Not an easy thing to find, I discovered!  

I have yet to perfect my hand at drafting my own patterns for things like this. I'm just not blessed with that talent I suppose. I do think the more I try it, one day I SHALL be able to do it! :) But for now I'm sticking to patterns drafted by other talented seamstresses.

That brings me to telling you how I made up this cute little nightgown.

I had a specific style in my head and then found this to base my pattern search off of.

While browsing Pinterest and searching my own pins I realized this dress had just the bodice I was looking for!

So I followed the tutorial and printed the bodice pattern that you can find here.

The pattern is listed as a size 2T. I would say it runs small. Olivia is an average sized 20 month old and the bodice fits her perfectly right now. I'm hoping she doesn't grow too much this summer as I would like it to make it all the way through the season!

I measured her from her armpit down to her ankles to determine the length. I also added a large ruffle on the bottom to give it more fullness. I think it really made it look like a nightgown and not a dress.

The fabric I used is from, it is a cotton jersey knit, the name is Geometric Floral Double Border Brown. I cut off the border on both ends of my 1 yard cut and used that as my ruffle on the bottom, the fullness of the ruffle was determined simply by how much of the border I had from my 1 yard.  It is a perfect light weight for summer. I have a fairly large piece left and I'm hoping to get a matching set of short pjs out of it. Since I only paid $4.78 for the whole yard, getting 2 sets of pjs from that would make me very very happy! :)

For the neckline I made bias tape from a brown tee I had in my re-purpose stash.

If I use this pattern again I will lengthen the sleeves so that I can hem them. I'm not a huge fan of how they want to curl up.

A close up of little hands and feet the hemline.

Pretending to sleep :)

"Mommy I taked a nap..."

"Wook a MEEE!!" She's our little ballerina in the making.

Silly girl.

Chomping on her smarties! I am certainly not above bribing for photos. ;)

She's pleased as punch about it, and that means I am too!!

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Super cute! My youngest has no summer pj's. She's been sweating all night in her flannel ones. Thanks for sharing, I hope to make her a nightgown soon.

  2. The dress is completely adorable - and so is that little girl!! What a cutie! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Take care ~Lauren

    1. Thank you! I think she's pretty sweet too :)

      Have a wonderful day!

  3. So sweet! My kids are such crazy sleepers- she would end up with a nightgown wrangled up around her head :) Someday though!

    1. Thank you! This is her first one, I thought too she might not like it, but she loves it! Even if her little bum is uncovered when I check on her :)


  4. Over from "create, craft, love" link up - this is fabulous! I was looking at my 18 month olds clothes (yes, they grow SO fast!) and found that she was in need of a nightgown too! I'm definitely going to give this cutie nightgown a try! Hope it's not too small (she's tall & chubby :) I love it.) Thanks for sharing! You did an awesome job! Pinning!

  5. you mede great job Amber!so beautiful sleeper


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