Mini Boden Jersey Baggies Knock-Off

A little while ago I spotted these adorable and uber comfy looking shorts on Mini Boden's website. I really like to browse on there looking for inspiration for sewing for my munchkins. As soon as I saw them I knew I would have to try to knock these off! And I had just the fabric in my "re-purpose stash"!

The inspiration:

My version:

For practically $0, I managed to copy them, and am pretty happy with the outcome!

I say practically $0, because I purchased the blue rib knit for the waistband, and 8" of elastic for the back, everything else was re-purposed, or in my stash. I can safely say the entire project was under $1.

I used the Clean Slate pattern from Blank Slate patterns. I really really like that pattern! I've made 4 different pairs of shorts from it in the last week :) 

My boy is VERY into pockets currently, so I've had to branch out from "simple shorts" to adding pockets, because he doesn't want to wear shorts or pants with no pockets. "But Mom, I need pockets so I can put my "treasures" in them." Oh boy. Time to check pockets before laundry day!

Let's talk about that pattern matching, shall we??? :) Pat myself on the back for those lined up stripes...

My secret: one gagillion pins. Ok, maybe that's not such a great secret, but it's what works for me :) I've found that especially when sewing with knits it helps the fabric not to shift as much.

Again, the one gagillion pins... Also, sew SLOWLY.

And, sew as close as possible to the next pin before removing it. Again, this helps with the fabric staying in place rather than shifting as you sew. 

And just because it's vintage and in my opinion pretty cool, I had to show you the twill tape I used to make the mock drawstring. 27 cents! In reality I paid less than that for it, but still... :) 

My mom and I came across 2 large cardboard file boxes of vintage (and some worn out) sewing notions, knitting needles and just lots of misc. sewing paraphernalia at a yard sale once. As we were digging through the boxes and finding a few goodies, the lady came over and said, "How about you give me $5 for everything in those 2 boxes?" SOLD! :)

And here is my little model, showing off his new favorite shorts! They'd be my favorite too, they are just so comfy!


Out take. Those eyes just make me melt in a puddle!

You can find the pin for the Mini Boden shorts and the Clean Slate pattern on my Pinterest Board here. I'd love for you to follow me as well!

Happy Sewing!

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  1. SO cute! They look just like the original, I am so impressed! You've inspired me to do some sewing for my little guy.

  2. LOVE these!! Look at how happy your cute guy is, too. Win, win! I'll have to check out that clean slate pattern, too... Although, really I should stop spending money on new sewing patterns until I've sewn up the ones I've already purchased. Ha.

    1. Ah! I know, there are so many great patterns out there! But the clean slate paid off already... I've made 4 pairs of shorts and plan to make a couple more. My boy had outgrown ALL of his play shorts and all of his "dressier" pants!


  3. Great knock off! I also use one gazillion pins when attempting to match stripes....your picture makes me feel less crazy ha!

  4. Oh my gosh! These are too adorable! I love mini Boden, but certainly not their prices! You did a fabulous job!! If only my sewing machine wasn't on the fritz, I'd be making these tonight for my little guys. Pinning this for sure! :)

    We'd love for you to share this over at Much Ado About Monday, if you get a chance. :)


  5. These are adorable! Good call on the pockets! A little boy has to have a place to put his treasures...and frogs or snakes that he happens to catch. Wouldn't that be fun to find in the laundry?
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your blog is cute!

  6. WOW. For a moment, I swore I was at MADE. These shorts turned out INCREDIBLE. I mean, they are just as good if not better than the Mini Boden version. Seriously adorable...but maybe that has to do with the handsome model showing them off too :)

  7. These are SO adorable! Thanks so much for linking up at Give Me The Goods Monday! Can't wait to see what you bring next week! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

    1. Thank you!! Looking forward to next week!


  8. I love these so much!!! I can't wait to make some for my little guy!
    ~Jamie @scattered thoughts of a crafty mom

  9. These are AMAZING! So cute! I have my first boy and I am always struggling to find cute clothes for him (and love mini Boden!). I am pinning and trying these as soon as I can! Thanks!

  10. So cute! I knocked these off, too! They are SO awesome! And who would pay that for knit shorts!? Not I!


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