Mabo Kids Gingham Drawstring Shorts Knock-Off

I really love a good knock-off! It is so much fun for me to find a look that I LOVE and see if I can recreate it. Pinterest really is my largest source of inspiration. I have spent hours laying in bed at night, pinning. Tell me you haven't done the same??? :) I also love browsing kids clothing websites, and then, of course, pinning looks that inspire me.

The look I'm showing you today was inspired by mabo kids. A very fun website to browse!

The pin that I IMMEDIATELY fell in love with:

I LOVE that sweatshirt too! It's on my mental list drawing board. The summers here, unfortunately are just too hot to pull off the shorts & sweatshirt look, but I'm thinking fall might be perfect for this, hopefully I can accomplish it by then...

To recreate the look, I again used the Clean Slate Pattern. I shortened them so they would be above his knees. Not something I would normally go for, but with these it works, and I actually love seeing his little boy knees. Just so cute!

I found the fabric at Joann's. It is a quilting cotton, but it is a nice medium weight and has a soft smooth feel.

The mabo kids version is $25 *on sale*. I don't know what regular price is. I bought a half yard for these shorts and used a coupon. My price for the fabric was $3, the drawstring was re-purposed and I used 9 inches of 1" elastic. So let's be generous and say these shorts cost me $3.50! That is being really generous because I had some fabric left over.

I added plain front pockets, because, again, the boy loves his pockets!

I made the drawstring functional by attaching the ends at the same spots that I sewed the back elastic in place, then sewed 2 small button holes in the front and threaded each of the drawstrings through. Easy! Functional drawstring. Something my skinny boy needs.

Check out that pose. Model?

I love them!!!

I think he does too. :)

This means: "Mom, I am DONE."

And once more.

Their version:

My version:
And, no, I did not ask him to do that with his hands, he just knows how to pose! :)

I hope this inspires you to recreate a favorite look of yours!

Happy Sewing!!!


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