Kid Pants With Piped Pockets

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Having both a little boy and a little girl I can vouch for the fact that sewing for girls just seems to have more hype than sewing for boys. There are so many adorable sewing patterns out there for girls, but I'm seeing more and more for boys as well! And when it comes to basic patterns for boys, the customization options are endless, giving you LOTS of variety on just a simple basic pattern. Take this tee for example. Just a tiny bit of embellishment, and you have a custom tee that looks like it could come from a designer kids clothing company. Believe me, I saw one at Zara kids that gave me the inspiration to create that shirt. While I can't afford the clothing from the designer brands, I CAN do my best to recreate them for a lot less money. And it's SO FUN!!!

I'm going to be talking about this FREE pattern from Dana at Made, today. If you head over to her tutorial page, I combined the Kid Pants with a flat front, back pockets and piping pockets options.

E is a skinny almost 4 year old. Seriously, he'll be 4 in ONE MONTH. Not sure if I can believe it! In store bought clothing, I've been going with 4T, in fact the polo he's wearing is from Children's Place and is a 4T, but it is still a bit baggy on him. Most tee shirts however, fit him just fine. I have to go with 4T in pants and shorts for length these days, but have to cinch those adjustable waists!

The free pattern from Dana is a size 2 - 3 1/2 years, so I was sure I could make it work for my slim little man. When I cut the fabric, I cut it 1/4 inch larger all around and added 2" to the length. The fit is fabulous!

I think the back pockets are bit large for his little bum, so next time I will scale them down just a bit. But I still think they are too cute :)

I love love love the silhouette of these pants! They are modern with a vintage vibe I think. With a slim fitting tee, I think he could fit right into the 70s ;) But with a smart polo, he looks very modern, especially paired with his green flip-flops. 

When I was cutting out the fabric, I had two polo shirts I was considering, kelly green like his flip-flops and this blue. I was silently contemplating this, and E comes over and says, "Mom, are you making pants for me?" I said yes, and he immediately says, "I want the BLUE shirt!" Ok, well that settled it :) That also made my decision to pipe and line the pockets in a matching blue as well. 

I used a lightweight gingham check fabric from Since it is so lightweight, it's perfect for our hot and humid summers here in NC. He freaked out a little that I was making him wear LONG pants, but once he had them on he loved them! He was doing all sorts of crazy dance moves. I guess he felt "groovy" :)

Not only are they super stylish, they're perfect for:


Running and JUMPING!

And pretending to mail a letter to Grandma.

Happy Sewing!

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