Skipper Top #2

I'm telling you guys, you CAN NOT make just one of these adorable little tops! In fact, I've made 3 already! And that is just in the topstitched neckline version alone. I can't wait to try out all of the different options available with this pattern.

And something I failed to mention in the first Skipper Top post, is not only does Abby have fabulous instructions and helpful photos, she also shares TONS of awesome tips on how to sew with knits! They are SO helpful!

Both of us LOVE the little pocket detail :)

I like taking advantage of using up little scraps of fun fabric here, and it adds so much whimsy to the shirt! She keeps checking for Smarties in there whenever she wears it... Can't understand why... It's not like I'd ever bribe her like that...

The subtle curve of the hemline is another favorite feature of mine.

While she loves the shirt, don't be fooled by the little happy face up there...

This is how she truly felt about me making her take part in yet ANOTHER photoshoot.

Sorry little girl, even your stink face is cute to me :)

Kinda loving the layered, fall/winter look! I also paired this shirt with the Ruffled Skirt for church and it was equally adorable. I LOVE versatility in clothing!

All you get is my back, Mom...

Oh those pigtails, they make her look so grown up!!

And in case you weren't sure, I'll just tell you again that I love this pattern!! ;)

The Skipper Top - by: Sew Much Ado

Purple knit - Joann
Floral -

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Heidi, just wanted you to know that I featured your top today from our Fall Clothing Party!!! Thanks for linking up!


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