Matching Christmas PJs

The title of this post could also be "Christmasy Flannel PJ Muslins". Because that's really what they are :) But that's not nearly as fun! But when the idea wriggled around in my head to make ALL of the kids' winter PJs (that idea hit while walking through Joann Fabrics and they happened to have had a HUGE sale on all of their cuddle flannel) this year and I spotted this particular flannel on clearance for $1 something a yard, I couldn't resist a matching set. And for that price these became the muslins for the rest of their winter PJs. 

For Evan's PJs, I used the free Pajama Rama pattern from Shwin & Shwin for the top and the Clean Slate Pants pattern from Blank Slate Patterns for the pants. I've used that pants pattern quite a bit... And while I do totally love it, for the next pair of PJs I will use the pants pattern that accompanies the top for a little more roomy fit.

I love the top!! The pattern is for a 4T, perfect since my boy is 4 :) But he's tall... So I added a cuff to the bottom of the shirt and also a cuff to the sleeves. The sleeve cuff is still almost too short, so I will be adding even more to the next set! Another thing I will change is the facings, I plan to widen the pattern so that I can lower the top button a little, I'm thinking a contrasting facing would be fun, but I want to make sure it will be seen :)

For Miss Olivia's sweet little nightgown, I used the Sadie Grace Nightgown pattern. It's so quick, easy and sweet! I can't wait to whip up a couple more for her. I sewed up the 1-2 yr size, shortened to the 6-9 mo length and there is plenty of room for her tall, skinny little 2 yr old self. The sleeves were a little long for her so I added elastic so they would stay out of her way. I actually really like the look it gives.

The next 2 nightgowns I make, I'm considering going down a size for the width and lengthening to ankle length. Can't quite make up my mind on that yet!

For the binding at the neckline, I took Jess from Craftiness is not Optional's idea and used fold-over elastic. Love. It. It finishes it off so perfectly and also cinches the neckline in a bit so it's not slipping off of her narrow shoulders as is so often the problem for her. 

All in all I'm very happy with their wearable muslins. And they think it's so cool to match! :) 

Sweetest hug ever. 

Then of course she must be picked up.

And then a game of Ring-Around-The-Rosy. (She looks like she adores him. She totally does.)

All Fall Down!!

If all goes well, they will each have a tweeked and perfected set of PJs to open and wear on Christmas Eve while we cozy up and have a Family Movie Night. My sewing machine has been buzzing and still is...

Off to sew!!

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  1. oh man, these pictures are so adorable! cute pjs too - the fabric looks like pinstripes in the pics until you see the close ups, pretty cool.

  2. I love these! Gray and red is a favorite combo. I made the Sadie grace and used that FOE tip as well but it didn't cinch it as much as I would have liked. Think I need a thicker one next time!

  3. oh they are SOOO cute!! Love love love!! Emily


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