The Norah Dress and Tunic Pattern Tour!

A couple of weeks ago, I finished up this ADORABLE Norah Tunic for my little miss. The pattern is by the lovely Hayley from Welcome to the Mouse House. It was such a fun pattern. You know how sometimes an article of clothing just makes your already cute kid (I'm not biased, ahem...) seem just a bit cuter? To the point where you feel like you just HAVE to squish em' and cover em' in kisses? Yeah, this one does it for me :)

I love, love, LOVE the shape of this tunic. It has such a perfect amount of flare at the bottom, it's such a cute, girly detail.

The pattern comes with lots of options! Dress or tunic length, long-short-or no- sleeves, collar with cinch in the center, collar with cinch and ties, collar, or no collar. Imagine all the possibilities! You could also mix and match fabrics on the collar, ties, sleeves, accent with piping, use knits or wovens... Oh my! :)

For this time around I wanted a fun holiday top that she could wear throughout the season and also for the rest of the winter. I chose the tunic length, collar and long sleeves.

Based on her measurements I sewed a size 18mo, lengthened to the 3T tunic length and 2T sleeves. Tall and skinny she is... the great thing, the pattern was super easy to modify to fit her perfectly!

The back closes with a button and loop, making this a great pattern for beginners, since there are no finicky button holes or zippers to deal with! And the collar! I love that it is one piece :) 

The tunic looks GREAT with leggings and boots, which is exactly what Miss O needed in her wardrobe. You can't tell in these photos but her leggings have gold sparkles in them to accent the gold piping on the collar :)

The fabric is a quilting cotton from Joann. Since this is a winter top, I felt it wasn't quite as warm as I wanted it to be and decided for the lining to go with a soft knit, instead of another woven fabric. In fact, I repurposed a super soft white tee I found at our local Goodwill (brand new!). It was perfect, it added warmth, softness and the thickness I was looking for.

To add that little bit of holiday bling, I accented the collar with gold piping. I love me some gold bling! Any time of the year really :) You could say I have an obsession... But it does give it the perfect amount of shine for the holiday season.

I was going to use a different fabric for the collar but in the end settled on all the same fabric with the piping accent, because I just LOVED this combo. As soon as I laid the gold piping next to the fabric, I knew it was meant to be.

And although I DO love the fabric, with the long sleeves it felt a little bit overwhelming, so I decided to add a little cuff in some leftover lightweight denim I had in my scrap bin. I won't go into details about the cuffs. Let's just say I didn't think it through and next time it will be done very differently :)

The cuffs visually break up the pattern of the fabric in the just the way I had hoped.

I'm in love with it and so is she! I love this age she's in, every time I make or buy her a new top or dress, she oohs and aahs, and says "I a Pin-cess Mom!" when I put her in it. I'm gonna soak it up because soon enough she'll develop her own little opinion ;)

To keep track of sizes in the clothing I make for the kids, I made up these fun tags that I also added :) And even though I did sew up the 18mo I called it 2T, since that's what O is wearing in RTW. Just what makes sense for me :)

Thanks so much for stopping by today and make sure to hop over to Welcome to the Mouse House and check out all the other beautiful Norah's that are being showcased on the tour!

Outfit details:
Top: Norah Dress and Tunic Pattern (affiliate link) - fabric quilting cotton from Joann
Leggings: Old Navy
Boots: The Shoe Dept
Hair bow: Forever 21

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  1. Oh my. I want to squish her she's so adorable. I love the fabric and the gold piping is just perfect! Where did you find those tags? I always forget to sew those on my clothes...

  2. She is so adorable! And I love the gold piping on the collar. I buy most of my daughter's hair bows from forever 21 too! They have a great selection

    1. Thanks Farrah! I just recently discovered them at Forever 21, I'll keep going back, it's so much easier than making them and they are so cheap! :)

  3. Your blog is so cute! The top is great and I like the knit lining idea. Thanks! Where did you find gold piping?

  4. What a sweet outfit! I love the piping and the cuff details you added to the tunic.

  5. WOW, that piping is absolutely stunning! Where did you find it? It seriously goes so well with that fabric. And I love the cuffs! Thanks so much for being a part of my tour!

  6. just adorable! That gold piping is such a lovely touch!

  7. So, so adorable! love the gold with blue - wintery and festive.

  8. She is so sweet! Love it! The gold piping detail is perfect. :)

  9. It's adorable, Heidi! Now I remember I have to make tunic for my daughter too! :)


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