Sparkly Corduroy Skirt For the Holidays

Sometimes I see something... either an item of clothing in a store, an ad, or *usually* a picture on Pinterest that sparks an idea. But what I love, is how that idea changes and morphs into something totally different than the original but is still just as awesome or even more so in the end.

That was the story with this little skirt. I saw a cute flowy layered little skirt on a little girl about Olivia's age. It was above her knees, paired with tights. It was adorable. So I took that beginning point and ran with it.

I found this sparkly stretch corduroy (yes, all of those things in one) at Joann and new it would make the perfect holiday outfit!

I wanted a very gathered skirt, with a bottom layer, both for fullness and also because I wanted it to peek out the bottom. The bottom layer is a lightweight cotton with pale blue flocked dots on it. For some reason I have hoards of it. ??? I used it here and it has been used as a lining here, and I'm sure you will be seeing it even more!

For the front I had this vision of piping at a flat waistband. Then as I was working on the skirt I pictured this gathered pocket with even more of the fun holiday bling, aka, gold piping :) I'm a little obsessed with it at the moment. I had a lot of questions about where I got the piping... I got it at Hobby Lobby and I saw it at Joann as well, but the last several times I've been in both places they didn't have it on the shelves :( So if you happen to see it, snatch it up!

She's loving her pockets right now. Cracks me up when she walks around with her hands in them :)

And the way the shirt is ALWAYS hiked way up high in order to find them :)

To construct the skirt I consulted my tutorial here. But instead of pleats, I widened the front panel and gathered it. I also lengthened it by a couple of inches. The bottom layer is made exactly the same way (with an added inch in length) and basted together at the top, then treated as one piece when adding the waistband.

For the pocket I again used the Geranium pocket pattern, gathered the top, added binding and piping. So many uses for that cute little pocket pattern! :)

The back is the same as the tutorial here. Gathered with an elastic casing in the back. One thing I "oopsed" though... I didn't take into consideration that this fabric has stretch and is also heavier than the skirt in the tutorial. As a result I had to shorten my elastic by 3 inches. Yep. 3 inches. :) This skirt will fit her for a LONG time. Fine by me!

The photos don't show it, but this outfit is complete and SO CUTE with tights and sparkly shoes.

My girl feels like a princess when she wears it. I tell her she's always a princess :)

Those green eyes...

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Sewing!

Outfit details:
Skirt: Made by me: Corduroy from Joann, Cotton under layer from Joann, Piping from Hobby Lobby
Sweater: Target clearance
Velvet hairbow: Target clearance

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  1. How cute! That little rocking horse reminds me of when my girl was that young...that was her favorite toy in the whole house!
    And your skirt is adorable! I love the gold piping.

  2. How did you know I was looking for a tutorial for this exact type of skirt? I found some gold and blue dot fabric and gold taffeta and want to make a layered skirt! I'll be copying your idea. I love the pink with the gold. So cute!

  3. Really cute skirt and fabrics! I found the gold piping at Hobby Lobby once and fell in love with it so much that I ran back and bought 3 more packages. now I'm afraid to use it!

  4. I really love this! I really like the pocket. I have never made one like that before and am going to have to try it. I bought some fabric today that I think would work well with this patter. Thanks for sharing!

    -Leslie @

  5. Very girly and very cute :) Who wouldn't love that pocket??

  6. Totally gorgeous! Such lovely fabrics for both layers :)


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