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Do you ever have a project that you pinned and it sticks in your mind and you keep thinking, I'm gonna make this, someday I'll find the time, it's gonna happen, and yet you never get around to making it??? Yes? You too?

This art journal was one of those projects. I loved it the minute I laid eyes on it and new I HAD to make it someday. Not only that, I knew JUST the person who I should make it for. My sister. Seriously, I've been meaning to make it for her for a whole year. First it was last Christmas, then her birthday, then after her birthday passed, I started thinking... "I won't have time this Christmas, maybe graduation..." :) 

Well, plans changed a little and we decided to exchange names this year, which actually freed up some time in the gift sewing department for me. Whew! But... whose name was I going to draw??? I have 3 sisters and my mom... 

And yep. I drew my youngest sister's name. The exact person I've been meaning to make this for. So there you go. :)

I had a blast making this. Seriously, the most fun I've had making something... maybe ever. AND I got to use my walking foot on my new machine as well! It forced me to face that scary looking walking foot, get it out of the box, youtube it, and guess what? It was super easy and not at all scary like I thought it would be! So, long time queued project done, check. And new skill learned, check!


Oh. And my sister loves it.

Check out the tutorial here at LBG-Studios. And be sure to stay a while and check out that amazing blog while you're there!!

Happy Sewing!!

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  1. I HAVE to make one for myself! Oh wow! I was just thinking that I needed a sketch pad to keep track of designs in my head... this would be PERFECT and portable. Thank you!


  2. Such a sweet gift! I started last year doing one project from my Pinteret boards each week, since I just kept collecting pins and didn't get round to realising any ;-) My self-chosen blogging deadline does help, working on my 22nd "Weekly Pin Project" now :-)

  3. It looks fantastic, I love the fabrics you've pulled together for it.

  4. Cute journal! I love the combination of fabrics you used!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

    1. Thank you!! It was fun going through my stash and putting them together!


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