Mommy & Me - Color-Block Skirts

Today I have something fun for you :)

As you may have heard... Over at Crafterhours it is Skirt Week 2013!

It is 2 weeks jam packed with AWESOME skirt tutorials and guest bloggers and at the end regular folks (like me) get a chance at winning some awesome prizes! :) Head on over and check it out, if you haven't already! It's too much fun to miss out on!

So in honor of Skirt Week, I came up with, a little bit matchy, a little bit not, the Mommy & Me Color-Blocked Skirt set.

I love kelly green. I am a girly girl and I'm not afraid to say that I love pink. :) And put the two together, well, I'm sold!

My little girl is showing full potential of becoming a girly girl as well. This makes me very happy! She loves clothes, shoes, accessories... "Pee-tty" she says. And (melt me) the girl loves to touch all the "pee-tty" fabric when I go fabric shopping!!! Maybe she'll want to sew someday too!

Today I'll showcase my skirt a bit... Come back on Thursday for a full tutorial on how I made Olivia's skirt!!

*Edit: Here is the link to the tutorial for the Little Girl Pleated Skirt!

Let me just say... Either I need to spend more time IN FRONT of the camera, or just stay away all together, because, wow. Can you say awkward??? I don't know what to do with myself! Pretty sure I need more practice...

Let's bring that cute kid back in the frame, shall we?

And the other one too, with a tackle hug.

That's better. Don't have to worry about my weird expressions :)

A little side view...

And props to my dear husband for taking these shots!

Meanwhile, while Mommy is getting her pictures done...

Not even joking. She slid down the slide, straight into the pool, shoes and all. Not to mention the new skirt that Mommy finished up just minutes before... No biggie.

I love that munchkin.

I will be entering my skirt into the competition!


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