Anthropologie Inspired Denim Skirt

Hello readers, and happy Tuesday!!

First of all, if you haven't checked out Amber's Instagram feed on the right of the page, make sure you do! Their sweet little family received a sweet little blessing over the weekend! Go over and wish her a congrats. :)

So I'm back from a 53 hour weekend trip which involved 14 hours of driving and only about 10 hours of sleep. It did however involve lots of good family time, so it was worth the lack of sleep and lots of driving. :) However, exhausted is still the word to describe how we all felt. After recovering yesterday (kiddos slept ALOT - Yay!!), we are all feeling much better and back to normal.

So the last week and a half was actually spent with members of my family, lucky me! My mom and 3 sisters were here for 1 1/2 short days, then one of my sisters stayed at my house for a week, the weekend trip was to deliver her back home. :)

While my mom was here we headed to one of my favorite malls, which houses one of my favorite stores, can you say ANTHROPOLOGIE?!?!?! Oh my how I love it, I could spend hours in there (we almost did), not to mention LOTS of money. I was so in love with so many of their clothes! 

One skirt in particular stood out, and since I couldn't scrape together enough change to pay for it, I closely checked it out and it didn't seem beyond my ability to create my own version of it. So I tried. And I am HAPPY with how it turned out! Ok, maybe happy is an understatement. Thrilled.

The skirt that I drooled over was this:

You can go to my Pinterest Board to see the front and back views, the back is SO COOL!

And the skirt that I created:

The pockets are another totally defining feature of this skirt and had I not seen it in person, I would have totally missed it. They add so much! It's all in the details I believe. 

This skirt was for my sister, she is the beautiful model in these photos. I plan to make one for myself but with some slight differences, which I will explain later.

 Now on to those details!

There are some changes I made to fit my sisters body type a bit better. I added a wider waistband than theirs, she is tall and thin, and since we decided to make the skirt longer than theirs as well, I thought a wider waistband would look nice.

The front is also gathered more than the original version. The pockets are as close as my memory could come up with. I think they're pretty close! Aren't they so fun!?! We also decided to do a fun accent fabric on the inside of the pockets.

And now for my favorite part! The smocked back waistband! I LOVE it!

The fabric I used is a very lightweight denim, I actually thought it was possibly chambray, but I got it at Joann and they did call it denim. I was originally going to do smocking with elastic thread but the fabric was just too heavy and it didn't work. I ended up using elastic cording. I will explain this all in great detail on Thursday, don't miss it! :)

It's my favorite part, so you get to see lots of shots of it. :)

Side view.

A closer look at the invisible zipper closure and accent in the pocket.

I was pretty happy with how the zipper turned out, not too bad for a first try :) But I did learn some things and will probably do some things slightly different next time, like using a regular zipper foot instead of the invisible foot... More on that later :)

So if you want a how-to on making an awesome skirt for yourself, and also some varying options, and a template for the pocket, come back on Thursday! I'll have it all for you!

*Edit: Here is the link for the How-To!

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  1. Just came across your blog via Pinterest. So glad I did!
    LOVE this skirt! Just gorgeous. :)


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