Garden Tea

Happy Tuesday all! Today I'm sharing a cold, refreshing, beverage recipe for you to try. Perfect for this warming summer weather. I don't know about you but I'm so happy it's finally getting warmer! Although the forecast for the next few days is in the high 90's. Whew. I might need a few pitchers of this to get through! :)

My sister who lives 7 hours away and I don't get to see nearly often enough is here with us for over a week!! So fun! And we are sewing up some really fun things, so make sure to come back and see all the fun craftiness we have going on around here. :)

On to the recipe.

Garden Tea. Sweet, cold, refreshing! Something that I grew up with in Ohio, something that all my family, friends & neighbors had growing in their backyards and enjoyed every summer. Something that when I moved south, all my southern friends had no idea what it was. All they know is sweet tea. Which I love as well! But let me introduce you my kind of sweet tea :)

Really, it is mint leaves brewed into tea. It is so, so good! My favorite kind is Apple Mint. The kind I have growing currently is Spearmint, very tasty and refreshing as well. 

My little patch is growing better than ever, this is the third summer it is growing. It all started with one little plant bought from the grocery store and planted in the ground. I just let it grow wild and mow around it to keep it at bay. Otherwise it will just spread and take over :)

How to make the Garden Tea:

Cut yourself a nice bunch of stems.

Remove the leaves from the stems, wash them and dry them slightly by patting them with a clean tea towel.

Now get out the super fancy tool :)

Fill your pitcher to the "water" line and pour into the iced tea maker.

Line the brew basket with a coffee filter and STUFF the tea leaves into it.

Fill the pitcher with ice and pour 1/2 C sugar over the ice. You can adjust this to taste. This is just the right sweetness for me.

Select the *strong* brew setting, press the brew button and let it do it's thing!

Then pour yourself a nice big glass of freshly brewed, ice cold, sweet, mint tea!


*OH, and just had to share that my skirt made it to the Top 10 for Straight Skirts in Skirt Week 2013 over at Crafterhours!!! Ahhhh! SO excited! So GO VOTE! :)*

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