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I mentioned earlier this week that my sister is staying with us this week. I have deemed it Sister Week :) Not sure what that means other than spending time together and of course there is sewing going on! She made out with not one but TWO pretty awesome new things to take home.

First I we made this messenger bag. I'm swooning over the print!

I think it looks great on her!

To make this bag, I followed this tutorial for the overall bag, and then I got the idea for the front zipper pocket and followed the how-to on this tutorial.

Now, because of a slight mistake change in plans, I ended up winging the construction of the bag and pretty much combined the two tutorials. To make life easier I would recommend reading all the way through the tutorials and sticking to just one of them. :) The end result of the bag is great I think, but the way I arrived at that point is not something I would suggest... Both tutorials are great, but for this particular fabric, I liked the shape of the bag in this tutorial better.

The front zipper pocket is so fun!

And for some reason, I don't have a picture of it open, but it has the same fun polka dot lining inside.

And we added this awesome pocket inside so she has a place for her phone, a pen, and another pocket for whatever other important stuff.

I love it, she loves it. It's a success!

Now I need to go make one for myself...

Happy Sewing!

*One more little thing. My Little Girl Pleated Skirt from the Mommy & Me set made it into the Top 10 over at Crafterhours Skirt Week in the Children's Skirt category. Please go vote for your favorite!!! TODAY! (Even if it's not me:) )*
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