Handmade Summer Series Part Three: Simple A-Line Dress

I hope you guys are loving the handmade summer series! I know I am!

Up next is the Simple A-Line Dress

The best thing about the sewing patterns you are getting from this series is that they are going to be re-used over and over again! I wanted to make 2 patterns (the top and the shorts coming next week) and expand upon them! 

For this dress all you do is line up your top pattern on the fold, just as you would if you were making one of the 
SIMPLE GIRLS TANK TOP's. Then you draw a diagonal line from the end of the arm down... like half of an A. 

Thats it! Its that simple!

When you open it up it resembles the shape of an A. See above.

From this point on you will follow the same tutorial from the Simple Girls Tank Top pattern. You can use the pattern I have there if you have a 2T toddler... and if you don't then you can follow the simple instructions to make your own! How easy is that! 

The best part is that for my toddler I got 1/2 a yard of fabric to make this... and used scraps that I had for a little contrast on the straps! I paid $2.40 for the fabric! Yes! She now has a super awesome summer dress that can be worn over and over, for $2.40! NO elastic, nothing other than thread and fabric required!

Here is a few peeks at what it looks like on. Sadie looks like she hates it...

But she really doesn't. It was perfect for swirling and playing in!

She just hates smiling for the camera. Hates it. Which is super unfortunate for me because I love taking photos of my kids... they just don't love it back. She loves the dress and refused to take it off once we got back inside! I was going to save it for something other than playing around the house... but if she doesn't want to part with it then I'm sure not going to make her! Thats success in my book! 

I think I'll definitely have to be making a few more of these to add to her collection! :)

If you make one of these dresses I would love to see it! Click here to add it to our flickr group!

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